KBB-Forum 2007 , Cilt 6, Sayı 2


Dr. Mansur DOĞAN1, Dr. Altan YILDIRIM1, Dr. Ali İhsan BEBEK1, Dr. Ahmet MÜSLEHETTİNOĞLU2, Dr. Şahande ELAGÖZ2
1Cumhuriyet Üniversitesi, KBB A.B.D, Sivas, Türkiye
2Cumhuriyet Üniversitesi, Patoloji A.B.D, Sivas, Türkiye
Cholesterol granuloma is rare in the paranazal sinuses. It is usually associated with chronic middle ear disease in mastoidea antrum and air cells of the temporal bone. The main symptoms are typical of maxillar sinüsitis as nasal obstruction, headache and postnasal discharge. In the examination of a 31 year-old man patient presenting with pain in the left face and postnasal discharge for three years there was oroantral fistula in the left gingivolabial sulcus. The paranasal CT scan showed soft tissues which caused bone destruction on the base of the maxillary sinus. We performed a classic Caldwell-Luc operation and removed fragile and necrotic tissue from the left maxillary sinus and fistula was repaired. Keywords : Cholesterol granuloma, Maxillary sinus