KBB-Forum 2005 , Cilt 4, Sayı 1


Dr. Erdinç AYDIN, Dr. Seda TÜRKOĞLU, Dr. Levent Naci ÖZLÜOĞLU
Başkent Üniversitesi, KBB, Ankara, Türkiye The patulous Eustachian tube (tuba aperta) is a benign condition that may be over-looked or misdiagnosed. It is a distressing condition for the patient due to symptoms such as autophonia ie. being distressed by one’s own voice, and sensation of fullness in the ear. Loss of weight, fatique, dehydration, pregnancy, otitis media are among the factors proposed as causes of a patulous eustachian tube, however true details remain obscure. There are a number of medical and surgical treatment protocols for the treatment of this condition. In this paper, an 18 year-old male diagnosed as having bilateral patulous eustachian tube is presented. Keywords : Patulous eustachian tube, autophony