KBB-Forum 2020 , Cilt 19, Sayı 4


Cemal HACI 1, MD;
1Acıbadem Taksim Hastanesi, Kulak Burun Boğaz, İstanbul, Turkey Purpose: The etiology and comorbidity diseases of the epistaxis patients who were hospitalized and treated were evaluated and the management to the epistaxis patients was discussed in the light of the literature.

Material and Methods: 68 patients with epistaxis admitted to our emergency department and hospitalized were examined retrospectively. Age, gender, comorbid diseases, methods of treatment, and duration of hospital stay were evaluated.

Results: 68 patients were included in our study (26 female (38.2%) and 32 male (61.8%)). The mean age of our patients was 54 ± 2.41. Hypertension (39.7%) was the most common cause of epistaxis in our study. The second most frequent cause was nasal inflammation (23.5%). Conservative treatments were performed to 50 of our patients and 18 of them underwent surgical treatment. The duration of hospital stay in our patients was found to be 1-11 days (2.77 ± 1.79).Conclusion: Epistaxis is a very common disorder in otorhinolaryngology cases. Methods of epistaxis management should be well known, and should be carefully assessed for complications especially in elderly patients. Keywords : Epistaxis, comorbidity, treatment