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Dr. Nihat SUSAMAN1, Dr. Yavuz Sultan Selim YILDIRIM1
1SBÜ Elazığ SUAM Fethi Sekin Şehir Hastanesi, KBB, Elazığ, Türkiye Objective: The aim of this study is to make a retrospective analysis of patients diagnosed with Bell Paralysis in our clinic and to discuss the Bell's palsy with the current literature.

Materials and Methods: The study included 102 patients admitted to the SBÜ Elazığ SUAM Fethi Sekin City Hospital ENT Clinic between February 2015 and April 2019 with facial paralysis clinic or were consulted and diagnosed as BP. Of the 102 patients with BP, 56 (55%) were female and 46 (45%) were male.

Results: 48 patients (47%) had right and 54 patients (53%) had left peripheral facial paralysis (PFP). Diabetes (DM) was present in 21 (20.3%), hypertension (HT) in 10 (9.8%), DM and HT in 13 (13%) patients. 8 patients were pregnant (7%). At the end of the first month, 17 (16%) of 102 patients had partial improvement of motor functions, 5 patients (4.8%) had hemifacial spasm and 80 patients (78.4%) had no sequela.

Conclusion: Although there are many studies about BP, there is no consensus on the etiology, treatment and prognosis of the disease. The main agents in the treatment of the disease are steroids. Further molecular and genetic studies with large patient series are needed to clarify the etiology and prognosis. Keywords : Facial paralysis, bell's palsy, treatment