KBB-Forum 2005 , Cilt 4, Sayı 4


Dr. Erhun ŞERBETCİ, Dr. Gani Atilla ŞENGÖR
Nişantaşı KBB Grubu, KBB, İstanbul, Türkiye Sialendoscopy is a new procedure for visualising the ducts of major salivary glands and their diseases. This technique is minimally invasive, associated with low morbidity and can be used diagnostic and/or interventional. We did diagnostic sialendoscopy on two submandibular and one parotid cases, using the Marchal semirigid endoscope, in 2004. We are presenting here this "Sialendoscopy technique", that is recently known in our country. Keywords : Sialendoscopy, salivary gland endoscopy, major salivary gland, ductal pathology