KBB-Forum 2005 , Cilt 4, Sayı 4


Dr. Köksal YUCA1, Dr. Muzaffer KIRIS1, Dr. Mustafa KÖSEM2, Dr. A.Faruk KIROĞLU1, Dr.Hakan ÇANKAYA1
1Yüzüncüyıl Üniversitesi, KBB AD, Van, Türkiye
2Yüzüncüyıl Üniversitesi, Patoloji AD, Van, Türkiye
Superficial angiomyxoma (Cutaneous myxoma) is a rare, distinctive, benign, dermal and subcutaneous tumour associated with a high risk of local recurrence but lack of metastatic potential. The tumor has a predilection for occurring in the perineum of middle aged females. Carney complex is manifesting major clinical complications, including angiomyxomas, lentigines, and a pituitary adenoma, which induced endocrine overactivity. We present one case of servical superficial angiomyxoma in a 50-year-old woman was treated by surgical excision without evidence of Carney's complex. Keywords : Superficial angiomyxoma, cutaneous myxoma, cervical mass