KBB-Forum 2019 , Cilt 18, Sayı 1


Dr. Türkkan ÖZTÜRK1, Dr. İrfan KAYGUSUZ2
1Department of Medical Education, Medical Faculty of Fırat University, Elazığ, Türkiye
2Department Otorhinolaryngology, Medical Faculty of Fırat University, Elazığ, Türkiye
Objective: To investigate the opinions and expectations of the medical students about E:N:T internship education by feedback.

Methods and Materials: 88 fifth grade medical students were included to this study. A questionnaire were applied by face to face interview technique to the students to ascertain their opinions and expectations about E.N.T. internship education.

Results: 50 of 88 students was female (56,8%) and 38 students (43,2%) was male. No significant difference was observed for the answers to questions of the students between genders. 87,5% of the students have stated that E.N.T. internship was essential, 85,2% students stated that three weeks internship duration was enough for E.N.T. education, and 94,3% students stated that the instructor lectured the lessons good and/or great and the content of lessons was enough. While 56,8% students declared that the lessons lectured by assistants and 48,9% students declared that article time and patient's council were not beneficial, and 55,7% students stated that morning visits were not instructive. The students have reported that there was enough opportunity (56,8%) and time (61,4%) for pratice, and they have not performed pratice due to their indifference (51,1%). 76,1% students have noticed that they observed anterior nasal packing, and 69,3% students have observed ear lavage but not perform it, and 50% students have declared that they didn't see posterior nasal packing.

The students have stated that the exam was fair (60,2%) and instructive (55,7%), and they have also stated that E.N.T. internship education was enough for the postgraudate term (51,1%). 25% of the students have expressed to become an E.N.T. specialist, nevertheless 50% of these students have declared to prefer our clinic. The students have defined that while the best aspect of the E.N.T. clinic was great education (34,1%), the worst aspect of E.N.T. clinic was stretched visits (42,1%).

Conclusion: During the internship, the students should be provided to perform the practical applications which necessary in postgraduate term instead of theorical knowledges, they should be encouraged for these, and the tense environment of the students" visits should be taken away. Keywords : Medical education, student, clinical internship, ear nose throat