KBB-Forum 2007 , Cilt 6, Sayı 2


Dr. Erdinç AYDIN, Dr. Kübra AKMAN, Dr. Güzin AKKUZU, Dr. Babür AKKUZU, Dr. Levent Naci ÖZLÜOĞLU
Başkent Üniversitesi, KBB, Ankara, Türkiye Yellow nail syndrome, is rarely seen in the otorhinolaryngology practice. This disorder is the combination of yellow discoloration in the nails, lymphedema especially in the lower extremities and pleural effusion. Although its etiology is unknown, local infection and inflammation in the tissue secondary to the lymhpatic drainage disorder is believed to have the major role in the pathogenesis. Even though this syndrome has a a classic tirad; sometimes it may be seen in different clinical manifestations. In the 25-83% of cases upper respiratory system is also involved. The most commonly seen upper respiratory system disorder is chronic rhinosinusitis. Also the fırst signs of the disease are frequently related to sinusitis. Thus, in patients with chronic rhinosinusitis, yellow nail syndrome should be kept in mind and this finding is to be looked for during the physical examination.

We present a 41 year old male patient, consulted to our clinic from the dermatology department. During his follow-up in the dermatology clinic due to his yellowed nails, he complained of nasal discharge, post-nasal discharge and headache. He was referred to our clinic. The computed tomography (CT) scanning showed pansinusitis signs and the patient was given an antibiotherapy. During his one month follow up his complaints and the sinusitis signs were regressed. In yellow nail syndrome, sinusitis signs may be the first signs of this disorder. So in chronical rhinosinusitis patients this syndrome must be kept in mind. Keywords : Yellow nail syndrome ; sinusitis