KBB-Forum 2015 , Cilt 14, Sayı 4


Dr. Suat TERZİ1, Dr. Abdulkadir ÖZGÜR1, Dr. Hatice ALİBAŞOĞLU2, Dr. Enes YİĞİT1, Dr. Özlem ÇELEBİ ERDİVANLI1, Dr. Zerrin ÖZERGİN COŞKUN1, Dr. Engin DURSUN1
1Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi, KBB, Rize, Türkiye
2Rize Devlet Hastanesi, Psikiyatri, Rize, Türkiye
Objective: Determining the levels of anxiety and depression in patients hospitalized with the diagnosis of sudden hearing loss (SHL) and investigating the relationship between prognosis and these levels.

Materials and Methods: The anxiety and depression status of the 46 patients who were hospitalized in our clinic with the diagnosis of SHL were assessed by the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale at first day before the treatment. The control group was consisted of 45 volunteers compatible with the patient group in terms of age and sex.

Results: The average of anxiety scale was 8.1 and average of the depression scale was 6.4 in the patient group. These values in the control group were 7.6 and 6.2 respectively. There was no statistically significant difference observed between the levels (p>0.05). Evaluation of the scores obtained from the anxiety and depression scales according to the threshold of Turkey showed 12 of the patients were over the threshold of anxiety subscale and 7 of the patients were over the threshold of the depression subscale in the SHL group. There was no significant difference between the control group. Although there was a difference between the anxiety and depression levels and the level of response to therapy, this was not statistically significant (p>0.05).

Conclusion: The etiopathogenesis and treatment of SHL has not been explained definitely yet. Although we couldn't find a significant effect of anxiety and depression on the development of SHL, we believe that they may influence the prognosis of the disease. Keywords : Sudden hearing loss, Anxiety, Depression, Prognosis