KBB-Forum 2006 , Cilt 5, Sayı 4


Tolga KANDOĞAN, MD; Mehmet Ziya ÖZÜER, MD
İzmir Training and Research Hospital, Clinic of Otorhinolaryngology, İzmir, Turkey The vocal tractus from the glottis to the lips is considered to be a resonator and any change in its shape may cause voice changes. Since tonsillectomy causes a shape and volum difference in supraglottic area, it is assumed that acoustic characteristics may change postoperatively. In this study, the effects of tonsillectomy over voice parameters is examined. 20 patients (13 males, 7 females), aged between 21 and 39 were included to the study. They all went tonsillectomy for recurrent episodes of tonsillitis under regional anesthesia. Voice samples to measure F0 (fundamental frequency) and F1, F2 , F3 formants were recorded 1 week before and 3 months after the surgery. These parameters were analyzed on a sustained [a:] using the CSL main program with the Computerized Speech Lab CSL 4300B (Kay Elemetrics Ltd., Lincoln Park, NJ, USA). The patients were also asked, whether they perceived any change in their voices postoperatively. None of the patient perceived any change in his/her voice postoperatively. Fundamental frequency (F0), F1, F2 and F3 formants showed statistically insignificant changes in females postoperatively. In males, F1 and F2 formants showed statistically significant changes postoperatively. As a conclusion, in cases for vocal performing artists, they should be warned for any possible changes in voice colors after surgery. Keywords : Tonsillectomy, acoustic analysis, formant